Chinese American Bible Church 華 美 聖 經 教 會

At CABC, we are deeply committed and passionate about sharing the love of Christ to all people. It is a place to fellowship with believers and strengthen relationships with God. Searching for answers? You will find that God can meet your deepest needs, provide true joy, and give purpose to life. Please take the time to visit. We are ready to welcome you - just as you are.

Men's Group

Mission Statement:

To establish a close-knit brotherhood and caring link among fellow Christians, to cultivate a trusting relationship with each other, and to institute a God focused environment allowing free sharing of thoughts, listening ears to hardships or celebrating happy events, and the opportunity to pray for each other.


To have a compassionate understanding & encouragement of life's struggles, rejoicing in each other's, and celebrating the maturity and growth in the sanctification of a fellow brother.

For more information, please contact Elder Timothy Kwok at